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What's The Difference Between A Trucker Hat And Baseball Hat?

Mar 2

Let's speak about headwear for a moment. Specifically, the debate about whether to wear a trucker hat or a baseball cap. Is there a distinction? What is the distinction? And why is it called a trucker hat in the first place?

Baseball hats exist in a variety of styles, but the conventional baseball player uniform is the most popular. Baseball hats feature a slightly curved bill or brim in front and a fabric-covered button on top, and are often made up of six triangular(ish) parts. (That button is known as a "squatchee," and you may use it during trivia night.) Thank you very much.) The top of the hat usually has fabric eyelets or metal grommets for ventilation. Baseball hats were initially only available in regular hat sizes, and until 1980, a fitted baseball cap was the sole option. Adjustable baseball hats with adjustable snap, velcro, or strap closures, as well as "stretch-fit" textiles, were available after 1980.

So, what exactly is a trucker hat? Technically, a trucker hat is a sort of baseball cap. A brim or bill is present, as well as a foam front part that rises tall and straight (making it taller than most other hats or caps). The remainder of the hat is made of plastic mesh and has a snap clasp at the back to make it one-size-fits-all. (In response to another often asked question, a trucker hat is a snapback, but not all snapbacks are trucker caps.) The airy mesh and snapback clasp are trademark elements of the trucker hat, which were designed with breathability and one-size-fits-all flexibility in mind. Today's trucker hats don't always have the foam front, but if they feature the basic mesh and snapback, we feel they still count.


Trucker Hat



Baseball hats, which have been a part of sports uniforms since the mid-1850s, were not socially acceptable for non-sport wear until the late 1970s. The original baseball hats were made of straw and worn by the New York Knicks in the 1950s (the 1850s). Thankfully, they transitioned from straw to fine wool within a few years (for them and the rest of us). The popularity of broadcast sports in the late 1970s and early 1980s aided the acceptance of the baseball hat among the general public, as did Tom Selleck's Tigers cap in Magnum P.I. (Another one is for trivia night.) (Are you taking any notes?) The design specifics have changed throughout the years, but the essential parts have remained the same: a bill to shield the sun and a spot to display a team emblem.

The trucker hat began as a promotional gift item from feed shops and agricultural supply firms in the early 1980s. The high front foam panel above the brim was the ideal area for firms like John Deere (and subsequently, Budweiser, Mountain Dew, and others) to display their logo since it was less costly to create than baseball caps and adaptable enough to suit practically everybody. Truck drivers, farmers, and other rural employees would get the breathable mesh hats from the corporations. The appellation "trucker hat" survived, despite it being referred to as a "gimme cap" or a "feed cap" at times.

If you're choosing between a trucker hat and a baseball hat, it's just a question of taste. A baseball hat could be ideal. A mesh trucker hat might help you stay cool. Both are American classics with distinct styles and histories, much like the men who wear them.


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